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Thank you for taking interest in my online Pilates Recovery Program!
A week-long program guiding back to your health in 20 minutes or less a day using the Pilates method,
a gentle, low-impact flexibility and muscular strength to endurance movements and help you
recover safely and effectively.


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Are you recovering from the Corona virus, the flu, or another form of illness?

Are you are feeling weak, tired, or out of breath?

Are you feeling stressed and anxious about your illness and the situation in the world these days?

Exercise after an illness can feel overwhelming and daunting. It can also feel uncomfortable if we push ourselves too far, too soon.


Do you wish you could move your body easily without pain?

Do you wish you could breathe easily while working out?

Do you wish you have more control over your body by improving your muscle tone, balance and posture?

I've formed a program to specifically assist people who are recovering from the Corona virus, to get back in shape, reset their body back to a strong and healthy body, with better range of motion so it can move at ease and feel great!
This program is also great for people recovering from other respiratory illness, or an injury or for someone who has not exercised for awhile and is eager to feel great in their body.

Getting back into an exercise routine is important for your health, and can even 

help you to recover faster.

But it's important to do so safely, and not to do too much too soon.

This is why I believe Pilates is the best way to get you back in shape.

Join me for a week-long program as I guide you back to your health through supportive recorded videos. Strengthen and energize the body from the inside out in less than 20 minutes a day, from the comfort of your own home.

What you will achieve from this program

Using this program, you will be able to restore your health, strength, flexibility and improve your breathing.

  • Learn how to breathe properly using the Pilates method created by Joseph Pilates

  • Increase your muscle flexibility and stretch your entire body

  • Improve your strength, feel stronger and energized

  • Reduce back pain, improve your posture, strengthen your core

  • Relax your body and mind to achieve full recovery and reset your body

  • Experience how Pilates changes your body in only seven, short sessions

  • Understand the purpose of each Pilates exercise, how to perform correctly and apply for the optimum positions so you can achieve your goal most effectively 

  • Incorporate the Joseph Pilates' Pilates principles into your practice

  • Practice full Pilates workout by combining the 7 videos into one workout at your own pace

What you will need to start

  • Mat or a thick towel, pillow and a chair for some of the videos

  • Comfortable workout clothes

  • A quiet space to workout

  • Motivation and self-discipline

  • 10-20 minutes a day

Are you excited to get started and get back to your health?

Click below to purchase the program!

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Who this program is for

  • Anyone who is recovering from an illness such as the Corona virus, flu, or any other illness that leaves you tired and weak 

  • Anyone who is looking to start working out gently and slowly

  • Anyone who wants to learn and practice Pilates from the start at their own pace

  • Anyone who wants to understand how to breathe properly and how to incorporate breathing into a workout routine

  • Anyone who wants to get into shape and feel stronger

  • Anyone who wants to improve their physical and mental well-being

  • Anyone who wants to workout from home at their own pace

If you have a special medical condition such as pregnancy, sever back pain, sever joint pain or anything else that requires an approval from a physician, feel free to contact me with questions to see if this program can be a good fit.

Want to learn more about the Pilates Recovery Program? Read below

Why should I do this program?

I designed this program for people of any age and any gender who are recovering from the Corona virus and want to feel healthier by practicing Pilates easily, anytime and anywhere. 

Pilates is for everyone, at any fitness level. 
I especially think it is a great place to start getting back in shape as it is a gentle workout that helps restore your muscle strength and doesn't leave you feeling tired. On the contrary, after a Pilates workout your body feels revived, stronger and longer. 


What makes this program unique from any other Pilates program is the fact that it was designed for people who are recovering from an illness, specifically the Corona Virus, or need to get back in shape slowly and gently. Also, it is very detailed and informative and each exercise has a purpose to help you recover effectively and correctly. 


Performing the exercises on the video is a student of mine. I wanted this program to demonstrate how Pilates can be done with real students, and not only with well-experienced fitness trainers. 

All videos start with breathing exercises because it is the most important principle in Pilates and what helps our body move better. 

In every video we explore different exercises that will help you strengthen your body and will get you back in shape in a controlled and precise manner.  

Eventually you will have a full 90 minutes workout you can use anytime, anywhere!

After finishing the program, you should expect the following changes:

  • Become more aware of your breathing

  • Become more body aware

  • Improved mobility on your joints

  • Improved ability in your daily activities

  • More flexibility

  • Core strength

  • Relaxed and stress-free

Who am I?

  • My name is Tally Hershko and my goal is to help people become healthier through the Pilates method. 

  • I'm a certified mat Pilates instructor and I think everyone should do Pilates, from young kids to grown up.


Because I truly believe this is the best workout to prevent you from injuries and illness and recover your body if it needs to. I've been practicing Pilates for 15 years and Pilates became a passion for me. This is why I enjoy sharing my passion with people and help them to achieve and maintain their optimal health whether they are experiencing pain or simply want to improve their physical and mental well-being.

Pilates has transformed my body so much and made me stronger, flexible, relaxed and overall happier. This is why I want to share this with you too! 

If you are still not sure if the program is for you, please contact me and let's see how I can help you!

The Program includes:

  • 7 daily videos from 9 minutes up to 20 minutes

  • Full life time access

  • Access on mobile and computer

Click below to purchase the program and get back to your health!


Are the worktous live?

The videos are pre-recorded with one of my dear students so you can easily pause, stop, rewind if you need more time to review the exercise and follow along the worktout. I tried to shoot the workouts in one take, but in some of the videos, we had to stop and re-shoot due to technical and enviormental issues.

What will I need for the class?

For most workouts you will need only a mat (Yoga or Pilates mat), nut even a thick towel on a carpet will be great.
For a couple of the workouts you will need a chair and a miniball or a cushion. It is instructed in the video.
Try to wear comfortable clothes you can workout with, like leggings, sweat pants, etc. Also it is recommended to do the workouts bare-foot or with socks. Other than that, no equipment is needed!

I am pregnant, can I do the program?

Congratulations! For most of the workouts you can do the program at any stage of your pregnancy, as long as you feel comfortable laying on your back. As for laying on the tummy, you will need to either do the exercises sitting down, or laying on your tummy if you are at an early stage of your pregnancy. It is recommended to contact me regarding the situation so we can decide together what option is best for you.

I can't hear the sound of the videos

If you having problems hearing the videos, make sure your sound button is not muted and your volume is up. Try to change the volume on the video itself as well. That should fix the problem. If you still have issues, please contact me directly via email.

For how long can I use the program?

The program was developed for 7-10 days of daily workout. But the videos are available for you for as long as you like! There is no limit on how many times you can use the videos.
It is recommended to start with video number 1 and finish with video number 7 as the exercises are gradually getting harder.

What happens if I skip a day of workout?

Nothing will happen if you can't workout everyday. Just continue from where you left off. You can also repeat again the last workout if you need to.


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