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Are you struggling with getting rid of that extra weight or maintaining your weight?  

Do you wish you could stop your habit of having that late night snack?

Does it feel donating and exhausting keeping up a workout routine?

Here is where you start taking control on your healthy lifestyle!

I know how it feels, you have tried so many diets, nutrition programs, workouts in your life, and maybe you were able to lose the weight but eventually you couldn't keep it up and went back to your old habits.

You want to eat healthy but it is so time-consuming and requires so much work and preparation you just decided to give up and just eat what ever you like, although it is not good for you.



We all want to eat healthy and exercise regularly, but why is it so hard to keep it up??

Wouldn't it be great if it wasn't that hard? If it was actually easy, possible, quick and maintainable?

Girl with Arms Stretched Out

Can you image...

  • Losing weight without effort?

  • Losing weight without being hungry?

  • Stop having late night cravings?

  • Not thinking of food all the time?

  • Working out on a regular basis and actually enjoying it?

  • Eating healthy nutritious food and actually loving it?

You'd finally be able to control your food, go with your body instead of against your body, finally feeling energized and confident.

You'd finally be able to improve your workout routine, not delay it every time. You will notice changes in your body both externally and internally.

Leading a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to be hard, difficult, impossible or complicated. 

This is why I'm thrilled to introduce you to my Healthy Vibes Program!

Preparing Healthy Food

If you have had ENOUGH with trying and failing to keep up a healthy nutrition and keeping up with a regular workout, and you are ready to really make a life changing decision about your lifestyle, then you have finally found your place!

In only 3 weeks you can kick start your  healthy lifestyle, control your cravings, workout on a regular basis and view your nutrition in a more holistic, nourishing way.

"I did this three weeks program and I didn't regret not even one day.

I am so thankful for the motivation and useful information about nutrition that Tally gave to me!! I enjoyed the connection with all group members so much - we shared our tasty recipes, struggles, achieved goals, our routines. Only good words about this program"

- Ema B., Spain

Woman on a Gym Mat

Introducing - 3 weeks Healthy Vibes Program

The 3 weeks program that will guide you to your healthy lifestyle with

daily motivational support,


weekly planned meals,

weekly planned workouts,

delicious and easy to make recipes without eating gluten and sugar (I know it sounds impossible but it is possible!!),

focusing on nourishing your body with healthy food and weekly exercises that will help you get healthier, lose weight, get toned and leave you feeling AMAZING!

Next program start on Monday July 5th

for 3 weeks

Healthy Meal

Here's what the program includes:

- Nutritional guidelines on what food to eat, when to eat and how to combine different food groups in your meals
- Personal diary to track your progress and goals

- Weekly meal plans

- Weekly workout plans

- Weekly Workout videos to do at home

- Recipes

- Daily support and motivation 
- Nutritional and training tips and tools to stay motivated and on track 
- Active closed community to inspire you and support you everyday on your journey


Total value of the program 60 euros
BUT now early bird offer for only

45 euros!!
Including the new book that reveals


Next program start on Monday July 5th

Yoga Class

What Do We Do in the Program


We learn how to plan our weekly meals and weekly workouts, so we are well prepared for each week

Eat healthy, nutrition, unprocessed food,

no sugar and no gluten

We workout on a regular basis, between 3-4 times a week, from 15 minutes to one hour

We inspire and be inspired. We provide daily support on our meals and workouts. No one is left alone!




Tally photo.JPG

Who I am?

  • Hi and nice to meet you! My name is Tally Hershko and my goal is to show women that eating healthy and working out is possible, easy, and fun!

  • I'm a certified mat Pilates instructor and I have extensive knowledge on nutrition and healthy lifestyle from my own personal experience and from learning and researching about healthy nutrition

  • I'm a wife, mother, business owner but mostly a woman struggling like you to stay active and healthy in this busy lifestyle

  • Due to my chronic migraines I've decided that I needed a nutritional change, so I've decided to stop eating sugar and gluten, completely! I thought I wouldn't survive even a day without it, but one day led to a week, to a month, to a year

  • I lost weight easily without any struggle, I felt better, more energized and healthier, less bloated and my migraines attacks improved significantly

  • I know if I can do it, everyone can! I was basically living on carbs and sugar and I transformed my life to healthy, nutritional food my body actually needs!

Why should I do this program?

What makes this program unique from any other fitness and nutrition program is the fact that it provides daily motivation, support, guidance and inspiration from women like you, who want to achieve their goal of eating healthy and working out. So you are not alone! the daily messages and motivation in the closed group help you stick to the program and stay on track. 
You get tips and tools on how to eat during the weekend or special events, how to over come bad eating habits, what to do when you have a craving for something sweet or salty, how to check products before buying them in the supermarket.

You learn what other alternatives exist to eating healthier, nutritional food. 

But eventually the accountability is on YOU! And you don't want to disappoint yourself. 

In this program we avoid all food that has sugar and gluten. There is a scientific reason for it which I explain during the program. Because of that scientific reason, your body will stop wanting and craving for sugar and without even noticing, you will not eat sugar and gluten and the weight will drop down easily. 

 After finishing the program, you should expect the following changes:

  • Become more energetic

  • Lose weight

  • Improve your sleep

  • Improve your digestion and metabolism 

  • Increase you flexibility

  • Increase your muscle strength

  • Overall feel lighter and healthier

  • Gain tools and knowldge to continue with your healthy lifestyle

  • Have new connection with women from all over the world 

This is for you if:

  • You want to start a healthy lifestyle but also maintain it for the long run

  • You want to stop feeling hungry and controlled by food

  • You want to learn how to eat healthier, how to prepare easy and quick meals, what food to combine, etc. 

  • You want to get into shape but also stick to a workout routine

  • You want to become stronger and flexible

  • You want to feel better, lighter and healthier

  • You need constant motivation and support to stay on track

  • You like to connect with other women and inspire others

Woman at the Beach

Just Imagine being lighter, thinner, stronger and healthier, with no struggle in just 3 weeks!

Click below to purchase the program

Total value of the program 60 euros
BUT now early bird offer for only

45 euros!!
Including the new book that reveals


Next program start on
Monday July 5th


Shams A., Spain

Never thought I will give up my sugar craving habits but Tally proved me wrong. The gentle way she passed on information to help me realise I can do this and the follow up was on its own a drive that made me commit to the program and stick to it in the future. Thank you Tally x

Stefanie M., Germany

Tally, thanks a lot for the last 3 weeks - your sugar&gluten free program is amazing. Your daily messages, motivation and inspiration was great and helped me a lot to avoid eating sugar and gluten. The inspiration and recipe ideas in the group were also great.

Carolina, Spain

Thanks to Tally and the group I was able to let go of my sugar addiction. I had tried before but was alone and it was easy to go off track. With this challenge I was accompanied by wonderful women who had the same goal and it was great! Thanks again! I totally recommend it!

Carissa S., Spain

The information and support that Tally provided every single day of the program was great. She really created a supportive community vibe and that encouraged us all to share our own struggles but also lots of fun things like our creativeness with meals and lovely dishes each day.

Celine V., Spain

Although this is a program focused on female nutrition and health, I was able to incorporate the healthy nutrition as part of our new daily eating habits. My husband didn't seem to notice the difference and in fact, he lost 6 pounds in 3 weeks. I definitely feel less bloated and will continue to work on the program. What I love the most about this program is you don't feel obligated to follow it 100% every day. Tally is so knowledgeable, supportive and patient. I love her pilates classes and now I am loving the Healthy Vibes Program.

Elna D., Spain

When I started with the program I was a bit weary, because I am a TOTAL chocoholic and thought I would never get through 1 day without a chocolate. Well I was wrong - you are never too old to learn something about yourself! I learnt that I don't need my sugar crutch and that only I can control my weight and health. 
I have completed my second program and can highly recommend it. I have lost my covid weight and did not find it difficult at all. Tally is amazing and we all need you in our lives.

Lori S., Spain

I really enjoyed the 3 week program, the interaction with Tally and other women was full of encouragement. Tally is really informative and keeps you on track with nutrition and exercise.

Jennison G., Spain

Loved this program and the community accountability. I was consistently inspired by the other participants, their struggles, their breakthroughs and their yummy recipes! I'd definitely recommend the program for someone looking to kick-start their nutritional health, control their cravings and view their nutrition in a more holistic, nourishing way.

Janis S., Spain

These 3 weeks have been very beneficial to kick-start into summer 2021. The pandemic has been hard going and this has been a very positive experience to build up health - both mental and physical. Thank you Tally for the support and good advice.

Healthy Vibes ebook cover.png

Want a simpler solution?

If the 3 weeks program is too much for you at the moment, then check out my book that reveals

Click below to read more about it and get your copy today!

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7 euros!!


What can be achieved in 3 weeks?

You will lose weight, you will be minded to what you eat, you will be minded to the products you buy, you will be able to plan your workouts and workout regularly, you will feel a sense of achievement, you will feel lighter, more energized, less bloated and overall healthier!

What will I need for the workouts?

For the workouts you will need only a mat (Yoga or Pilates mat), but even a thick towel on a carpet will be great.
Try to wear comfortable clothes you can workout with, like leggings, sweat pants, etc. Also it is recommended to do the workouts bare-foot or with socks. Other than that, no equipment is needed!

I am pregnant, can I do the program?

Congratulations! As for the nutrition part you can do the program with no problems. If you are not sure, it is always best to consult your physician before starting.
For most of the workouts you can do the program at any stage of your pregnancy, as long as you feel comfortable laying on your back. As for laying on the tummy, you will need to either do the exercises sitting down, or laying on your tummy if you are at an early stage of your pregnancy. It is recommended to contact me regarding the situation so we can decide together what option is best for you.

When does the next program start?

The next program will start on Monday July 5th 2021, I'm so excited! Once you join the program, you will receive all the information on the weekend before so you can prepare yourself and have time to buy some groceries if you need to. I look forward to seeing you there!

How many people participate in the program?

I want you to feel comfortable and safe during this program so I'm limiting the number of participants to 10 women. This way you can feel secure to share your meals, workouts, questions, concerns and successes with the group. This will also allow you to connect with other women and feel a part of this wonderful community.
The private FB group isn't limited to number of people but only those who participated in the program are permitted in the group.

I want to join but I'm not sure this is the right time

There is never a perfect timing to start, there is always something that's holding us to make the change - stress at work, birthday, event, holiday and so on.

If you are here, it means you feel and know that you need this change and you are one step closer to achieving your healthy goals! And the best time to do it - is right now!

If you never ate healthy, or carbs and sugar are a big part of your current nutrition, that's completely fine! I use to live on pasta, bread, cookies, cakes, you name it!

In the program you will learn that no matter where you are starting from or if somedays you can't stand the cravings and you eat sugar, you can still stick to the program and get back on your healthy track.

No one will ever judge you! We are only here for support and guidance. We are all going through this together with you and we know it can be hard and challenging. But you are never alone!

What if I miss a day in the program and can't keep up the routine?

In the program you will learn that some days it is harder to maintain the weekly plan and it is a natural part of any process, so we learn that it is ok to stumble and we pick it up from the next meal and from the next workout. Not all days are the same and we learn how to accommodate these days to make it easier for us to stay on track.

What do we eat in the program?

We eat Real food! Unprocessed real food. We avoid everything that has sugar and gluten in it. The program is based on delicious and nutritious food without counting calories or considering quantities (well most of the time…) and yet we lose weight. You can do it even if you consider yourself to be a chocolate addict. Just try and see, worse case, you will lose your weight!

What types of workouts are recommended during the program?

Any type of workout is recommended. You can walk, run, cycle, dance, whatever you like! I do provide prerecorded workouts and also full hour Pilates classes you can easily do them at home and I provide different modifications as well a. You can use those workouts or choose whatever you enjoy most! As long as you move!

How is the program structured?

Once you enroll to the program, you will receive all the information in the weekend before the program starts. You will receive a list of food that is allowed to eat, you will receive a recommended meal plan and a recommended workout plan along with easy recipes and workouts videos.

In addition, you will be added to a private WhatsApp group, available only for the members of the program and you will be added to a private Facebook group where you will find different recipes and tips to guide and support you during the program.

Everyday I will be checking up on you and providing you more tips, tools and motivation to keep you going and not to give up!
If you choose to, you can track your workout routine during the week and send it to me for review every Sunday, so I check your progress and provide recommendation if needed.
We encourage you to share your meals and workouts with the group so you inspire others and get inspired. A lot of the success of this program comes from the community that is created here and it really keeps us all staying motivated!