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3 Easy Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle

We are already 4 months into 2021, a year that has started with a lot of hope to overcome the global pandemic, a lot of unknown of how will life is going to be, a lot of expectations and perhaps new goals for yourself!

To be honest, after surviving 2020, I understood there is not a lot I can control.

But the things that I can control, I will defiantly make sure to control them!

Maintaining my healthy lifestyle is one of the things I can control, at any time.

At home, while traveling, in quarantine, anywhere!

It is about knowing how to maintain it and to plan ahead.

You only need three steps to take control of your healthy lifestyle.

Now's the time to grab a paper and a pen! That's ok, I'm waiting… 😊


Step 1: Write your health goals

Start with answering the following questions:

  • What are you most struggling today with your health?

  • What goals do you want to achieve by the end of the year / month / you set the timeline. Start each goal with the word "I" and avoid using negative words.

  • Which goal is the most challenging for you and why?

  • How will you feel once you achieve these goals?

From the answers you should have a clear list of your goals to improve your health.

You should also be aware of the goal that is the most challenging for you (and you need to also have a plan how to overcome this challenge) and how you would feel after achieving these goals.


Step 2: Make a plan

Create a plan on how to achieve your goals.

Make a plan for each goal if needed. Try to make the plan as simple as possible for daily or weekly tasks you can easily achieve. You can always adjust your plan as you progress.


Step 3: Take action! Now that you have your goals, you have a plan, you need to go and do it! Stick to your plan as much as possible. Tackle the challenging parts of the plan and don't give up.


You must be thinking it is easier said than done... I know… but just think about all the other things in life you plan ahead for in order for them to take place: going on vacation (remember that??), planning the weekend, even going grocery shopping, we plan ahead what we will buy.

Let me help you with an example:

Step 1: Setting up goals

One goal you might have:

I want to be able to move more freely and at ease and feel light


I want to easily lose 5kg in 3 months and get fit

Step 2: Creating a plan

If we break it down to simple tasks, in order to move freely and feel light, you might need to change your nutrition and workout more.

So, three tasks you can have for your plan:

  • Eat healthy – cut down sugar intake and junk food

  • Workout more – workout at least three a week 30-60 minutes each workout

  • Work on your mindset – change your mindset to a positive one

Your plan should include a weekly meal plan and a weekly workout plan.

Prepare a table with the days of the week and even the hours of the week.

Think about the meals you can have that don't include sugar or junk food. Add any events you have that week and plan for them (i.e. dining out with friends, going away for the weekend, birthday party, etc.).

You can use the same table and add your workout routine to that week. Be minded to your work schedule, events you have, other constraints.

To that plan, add some affirmations throughout the week to keep you positive and on track.

Some examples for affirmations you can use. Make sure to say them out loud at least once a day:





Your plan should look something like this:

Step 3: Go and do it!

Now it is the time to implement your plan! This is all up to you! You can do it! You have to believe in your plan and yourself. If you are still struggling with executing your plan, perhaps you need to adjust it. Perhaps the plan is too complicated for you now. So make it simpler, make it achievable.

Perhaps it will help you execute the plan.

Remember - you are here for the long run. Achieving goals takes time and patience. Don't give up after a week. If you are consistent you will achieve your goals. No one will do it for you. You have to do it for yourself.

Ready? Steady, GO!

Good luck! I'd love to hear from you if you found these steps useful or if you have any comments, please feel free to like and comment.


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