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How To Handle Postpartum Recovery

Having a baby is a big emotional and physical change.

Take your time to absorb it all.

Don’t try to be a super mom.

Take are of yourself and allow yourself a proper postpartum recovery.

How long does it take for post partum recovery?

While many women feel mostly recovered by 6-8 weeks it might take you longer to feel like yourself again. It can take months and even a year. Don’t expect your postpartum recovery to be quick in just a few days like we sometimes see on social media.

Don’t compare yourself to others and focus on your own postpartum recovery and on what you need from this lifechanging phase.

Remember that it took a few months to grow and have a baby. It will take some time to feel like yourself again. Hopefully in a few months, you should be well on your way to postpartum recovery.

Postpartum recovery has its own challenges. But you can go through them more smoothly with some preparation. The same way you are preparing for your baby, arranging the nursery, cot, clothes and so on, you should be preparing for your own postpartum recovery so you will be able to take care of yourself after birth.

To begin with focus on eating, sleeping and caring for your baby. Although this seems simple and obvious, some days it can be very challenging and almost impossible.

How do I care for myself after postpartum?

Listen to your body. Start with paying attention to what your body needs and don’t ignore it. If you are tired but also have tons of laundry to fold, go rest. The laundry can wait.

If you are hungry but you need to wash the dishes, eat first. The dishes can wait.

If you are exhausted from taking care of the baby, ask for help. Take a short break and do something for yourself to gain back that energy and come back feeling strong and positive to continue and care for your baby. This will help with your postpartum recovery.

Once you begin to feel better and stronger, don’t go and do more! Overdoing things while still in the postpartum recovery phase can actually set you back in your recovery and do more harm. You should focus on:

  • Nourishing your body with good foods

  • Drinking plenty of water

  • Getting enough rest

  • Taking short breaks to be outside for some fresh air