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The Benefits of Exercising Before and After Pregnancy

The reason I've started practicing Pilates was because I was pregnant. I worked out regularly before my pregnancy but I couldn't continue the same activities once I got pregnant because I was feeling heavier, I had back pain and overall I was looking to workout out with other expecting mothers. I've searched for a workout that would fit my needs and

I came across a special Pilates class for expecting mothers - prenatal Pilates. The workout help me a lot to relieve my back pain and strengthen my pelvic floor muscles and overall prepare me for birth. Also I met other women that were pregnant so it was really nice to connect with other women who are going the same things I was going through, especially as it was my first pregnancy.

After I gave birth, I waited 6 weeks and without searching any further, I went back to do Pilates again. Now my goal was to restore my body after birth, regain strength and energy, and also to get out of the house for a a new mother I needed some ME time and also to meet other new mothers and share our experience, tips and mainly support with this new stage in life. Once I've started my Pilates business, I have opened a special class to new and expecting mums, with their babies. This class bring me so much joy! I enjoy seeing the mothers have some time for themselves while the babies either nap or play around them.

In case you are currently pregnant or just gave birth and you are considering working out, read below about the benefits of doing Pilates before and after being pregnant.

Helps with Breathing

The Pilates breathing calms the nervous system, thereby lowering blood pressure, but also helps build the stamina required for the mental and emotional strength of labor and delivery. The Pilates breathing involves diaphragmatic breathing and coordination of breath with movement patterns that are very beneficial. Stiffness in your upper back which develops as your belly grows can restrict deep breaths, so deep breathing exercises will help to maintain flexibility in this area. After giving birth it is important to continue with breathing exercises as it supplies oxygen throughout the body educes anxiety hence leaving you more energetic and happier after the workout. Strengthen the Core and Pelvic Floor

Pilates exercises regularly works on strengthening the abdomen a