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Connect & Restore

your body after pregnancy

with safe and effective Pilates exercises.

Join the program!

Just 15 minutes per workout.

 57€ for the whole program!

In this program you will:

  • Become stronger

  • Become fitter

  • Release your back pain

  • Regain your core and pelvic floor strength 

  • Feel better about your body


in just 15 minutes per workout!

In addition, you can improve your posture, you can heal diastasis recti and feel confident in your body again!

I’m a certified Pilates and Flexibility Coach and the reason I’ve created this program is because as a mother of 3 kids, I was able to restore my body after each pregnancy with the Pilates method.

I had weak core and pelvic floor muscles and I suffered for leaks after every sneeze, jump or cough. Only when I started practicing Pilates on a regular basis, I was able to rebuild my muscles again and feel confident when I ran after my kids or jump with no embarrassment.


This program was designed specifically for postpartum with safe and effective exercises that are designed to be done at home and to fit into and around your life as a new mother and to help you restore your strength after pregnancy.


The program contains a variety of short and effective 

7 workouts ranging from 10-20 minutes, allowing you to fit them in when you can, anywhere and anytime. 

Fitness on Yoga Mat


You can achieve these results from this program if you are consistent with your practice:

  • Heal or decrease diastasis recti

  • Help flatten your tummy

  • Restore your pelvic floor (less to no leaks!)

  • Improve your posture

  • Relieve neck and back pain

  • Better recovery after pregnancy

  • Help you relax and become stress-free

  • Gain confidence with your body

I'm here to help you find stillness and confidence in your body

so you become stronger, fitter and relaxed. 
This Pilates Program is a great method for recovering after childbirth and restoring the core muscles, posture and connect with yourself again. These exercises go into the deep muscle activation by building strong foundations in the core/pelvic floor muscles that will allow you to really get the best results you are looking for!


  • Women who feel their lost control on their body

  • Women after giving birth, (6-8 weeks after postpartum)

  • Women with Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation)

  • Women who had a


  • Women with weakened core/pelvic floor

  • Any woman who wants to get moving again safely and effectively

Young Mother and Baby


My name is Tally Hershko, I'm a certified mat Pilates instructor, a Flexibility Coach, a mother of 3 teens and a busy women. 

I help new and experience mothers to strengthen and heal their body before and after birth, strengthen their core and pelvic floor muscles, improve their posture and overall feel stronger and happier.

That’s why I've created an online Postpartum Pilates  Program.

Before you get started with any post-pregnancy workout or program it's important you obtain clearance from your healthcare provider

Emma, UK

Thank you sooooo much for this wonderful program !!! 
Tally has a fantastic voice and her explanations are crystal clear!
Also your sequences were so well thought and introduced together with great modifications where needed. I felt stronger and more connected with my body and help me recover faster after my pregnancy.

Margarita, Spain

I love these Pilates classes with Tally. I'm looking forward to each of them. Tally is very experienced and professional teacher with amazing positive energy which she shares during the class. I feel wonderful after each session. Thank you Tally!

Clara, Spain

I am a beginner level and so I really appreciate how Tally demonstrated each move and provides guidance through the exercise. The cues really help understand how to engage the muscle so I understand exactly what to do. The program really helped me feel more energetic, more positive and relaxed and stronger so I can take care of my baby as well.  Thanks for a great program!

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