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I started Pilates when I was pregnant with my son, Roi, as I was looking for a workout that will allow me to move and stay active during my pregnancy.

After giving birth, I went back and continued my practice as I felt I have lost a lot of my strength and my mobility and I wanted to allow myself some self-care. I wanted to feel stronger, pain free and also to be a relaxed and to be a happy mother to my baby. I wanted to do something else then changing diapers, feeding, caring… to feel like myself again.

Pilates has transformed my body so much and made me stronger, flexible, relaxed and overall happier. But specifically, for recovering from giving birth and restoring the core muscles and posture and connect with myself again. The more balanced you felt, both physically and emotionally, the better I was able to care for my new baby.

This Program is designed to be done at home and to fit into and around your life as a new mother and to help you rebuild your strength after pregnancy.


The program contains a variety of quick and effective 7 workouts ranging from 10-20 minutes, allowing you to fit them in when you can, anywhere and anytime. 

Video 1 – Body reset and getting to know postnatal Pilates

Video 2 – Shoulders and arms strength and release

Video 3 – Regain your Core – abs and pelvic floor
Video 4 – Strong legs and glutes
Video 5 – Pain free back and upper body
Video 6 – Balance and Stretching fun

Video 7  - Full body workout using a pillow

Young Mother and Baby

Who is it for:

  • Women after giving birth, at least 6-8 weeks after giving birth

  • Women with Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation)

  • Women who had a c-section

  • Women with weakened pelvic floor

  • Any woman who wants to get moving again safely and effectively

Before you get started with any post-pregnancy workout or program it's important you obtain clearance from your healthcare provider



My name is Tally Hershko, I'm a certified mat Pilates instructor, a Flexibility Coach and a mother of 3 teens and a busy women. 

I started with Pilates when I was pregnant with my first son, many years ago. I found that the gentle yet challenging method to be exactly why I needed -

to feel strong, recover from the birth, to feel relaxed and pain free so I can enjoy the experience of motherhood.

My goal is to help new mothers, like you, to find time to connect with your body again so you can become happier for yourself and for your baby. 

That’s why I've created an online Postnatal Pilates  Program for busy mothers.

Laurence, Belgium

Thank you sooooo much for this wonderful challenge !!! I really enjoyed it !!
You have a fantastic voice and your explanations are crystal clear!
Also your sequences were so well thought and introduced together with great counter poses!

Manisha, Spain

I really enjoyed the 15 minute a day 5 day flexibility challenge that Tally held online. It’s been a while since I’ve done Pilates and this was a gentle reintroduction for me that fit in perfectly with my timetable. Tally explained things well and the pace was great. And a bonus I slept so well after these sessions!! Thanks Tally for this opportunity!

Ossnat, Israel

Tally, your flexibility program was amazing.  I never experienced such stretching! I felt a real change in my body after your lesson.  You taught me a unique technique which I'm definitely going to use in the future.