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If you are filling stiff, suffer from back pain, lack of mobility or you just want to increase your flexibility,

I have the solution for you! 

Here is where you start to become more flexible!

You want to be able to move freely again, with no pain, being able to bend down and touch your toes, and regain your natural range of motion but you don't know how. 
You may have tried different stretching exercises but you saw little to no results and basically just want to give up the idea of being flexible and mobile again.


In this Flexibility Challenge, presented by Tally Hershko, you will practice proven technique and exercises that will improve your mobility and flexibility even after 15 minutes! 
Everyone can become FLEXIBLE! We are all naturally flexible but as we age, we loose our basic range of motion and we become stiff. 
There are many benefits to being flexible, such as: 

  • Reduce Back, Neck and Body Pains

  • Improve Circulation

  • Improve Posture

  • Enjoy Active Life

  • Improve Sleep

Listen, I hear you, flexibility exercises are challenging and hard! Being able to bend down with your legs straight or even just sitting on a floor in comfort seems like a distant dream. 
But I believe everyone should deserve to feel good with their body and to be flexible. 

Getting back to being mobile and flexible is achievable! Everyone  CAN be flexible! You just need the right method.

You need a helping hand. You need someone to tell you what to do, when to do it and HOW to do it right. 
You also need to be consistent! If you are consistent and you have the right method, you too can become FLEXIBLE!


Everyone can become FLEXIBLE!
No experience is needed!

That’s why I can't wait to introduce you to the Flexibility Challenge


Can you imagine...  

  • Moving your body easily without pain?

  • Stop complaining about your aches and pains?

  • Feeling less stiff and less tight?

  • Being able to move freely during your day?


You will finally get the quality of life you deserve!

Imagine how it will feel if you will be able to sit down on the floor with your legs and back straight,  bend forward and touch the ground with straight legs or just do everyday movements with no pain and in ease. 

If any of this sounds like a dream, I want you to know that it’s POSSIBLE for you. And I know that, because I’ve been assisting others who where exactly where you are now and I have created a special  challenge to help those who are feeling stiff, locked in their own body, had a bad posture and back pain. 


If you are ready to restore your natural mobility and flexibility, improve your posture and relax your body and mind, you are in the right place!

What if I told you that you're only 15 minutes away from restoring your flexibility?

Introducing –Flexibility Challenge


A 5-days challenge that will guide you back to your natural mobility in just 15-20 minutes a day (the last class is just less than an hour) using the Science of Stretching method, through deep stretching poses, based on Yoga,  that will help you increase your flexibility safely and effectively.

Here's what the challenge includes:

  • 4 module lessons with videos up to 20 minutes long and 1 longer session, a little less than an hour, providing a deep gravity force approach to improve flexibility, mobility, and mental wellbeing by learning how to breath properly, workout effectively and achieve your goal of becoming flexible

  • Focusing on unlocking your hips, hamstrings, shoulders and back

  • Full life time access

  • Access on mobile and computer

  • Special bonus: 2 online Pilates classes,  you can do anytime, anywhere, which will be delivered to your email!


Total value of of the challenge
37 euros  


Who I am?

  • My name is Tally Hershko and my goal is to help people become healthier and flexible through Pilates and through a special deep stretching technique called Science of Stretching. 

  • I'm a certified mat Pilates instructor and a Flexibility Coach and I believe anyone at any age can become flexible.

Why do I need to improve my flexibility?

Because we are all naturally flexible but we lose this ability as we age. But this can be relearned if trained the right way, consistently.  I truly believe that this Science of Stretching technique, that I will teach you, is the best technique to increase mobility and flexibility but also to prevent you from injuries. I've been practicing flexibility for many years and I've researched different stretching programs, but this technique will get you RESULTS! In addition to regaining your flexibility you will see that you will improve your posture, your sleep will become better, you will move with no pain, you will feel more relaxed and you will avoid injuries. 

If you are still not sure if the challenge is for you, please contact me and let's see how I can help you!


What makes this challenge unique from any other stretching program is the fact that it works on the following principles:
- Regular practice

- Time under passive tension

- Special breathing technique that stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and relaxes the body
- Total release of the body to stretch the muscles and grow muscle fiber
The benefits you will feel with this challenge:
- Reduce body pain

- Improve posture

- Sleep better

- Become more relaxed

- Enjoy your daily movement 

- Breath better

This flexibility challenge is based on 3 principles that relax your nervous system because muscles stretch best when relaxed. 

When applying these 3 principles, you are building muscle fiber, you are lengthening your muscles and facia and you are eventually increasing your flexibility.
All videos start with a special breathing pattern to helps your body relax and stretch better. 

In every video we explore different exercises that will help you open and unlock your body and relax your mind so you will regain your flexibility safely and effectively. 

Eventually you will have a 2 hours stretching workout you can use anytime, anywhere!

After finishing the challenge, you should expect the following changes:

  • Become more mobile and flexible

  • Improved ability in your daily activities

  • Wake up more energized

  • Have less to no body pain

  • Relaxed and stress-free

This is for you if:       

  • You are feeling stiff and locked in your own body

  • You are looking to start regaining your mobility and flexibility

  • You are willing to commit to a regular practice 

  • You want to start feeling good in your body

  • You want to improve your posture

  • You want to become more relaxed and  stress-free​

This is NOT for you if:

  • You are on pain killers

  • You are pregnant

  • Your doctor hasn't approved you to practice

  • You have hypermobility syndrome or Ehlers-Danlos syndrome


Just imagine:

You could only be 5 days away from increasing your flexibility! 

Click below to purchase the challenge

Value of 37 euros 

You receive:

  • 5 module lessons with videos

  • General guidance worksheet

  • Life time access

  • Special bonus: 2 online Pilates classes

Laurence, Belgium

Thank you sooooo much for this wonderful challenge !!! I really enjoyed it !!
You have a fantastic voice and your explanations are crystal clear!
Also your sequences were so well thought and introduced together with great counter poses!

Manisha, Spain

I really enjoyed the 15 minute a day 5 day flexibility challenge that Tally held online. It’s been a while since I’ve done Pilates and this was a gentle reintroduction for me that fit in perfectly with my timetable. Tally explained things well and the pace was great. And a bonus I slept so well after these sessions!! Thanks Tally for this opportunity!

Ruth Schnitker, Switzerland

Fantastic! I love the daily 20 minutes stretching with Tally and felt so much more flexible after a short time. The secret is Tally’s instruction with a perfect connection of duration of the individual stretching pose (at least 2 minutes) with a special breathing. That make it so much easier and efficient! As someone who wants to become (and stay) flexible (even in older years) I found exactly my dream program with Tally’s flexibility online course. Short daily units, efficient, effective and taught by a competent, positive motivating and wonderful woman! I can recommend this program completely!


  • Are the worktous live?
    The videos are pre-recorded with one of my dear students so you can easily pause, stop, rewind if you need more time to review the exercise and follow along the workout. I tried to shoot the workouts in one take, but in some of the videos, we had to stop and re-shoot due to technical and environmental issues.
  • What will I need for the class?
    For most workouts you will need only a mat (Yoga or Pilates mat), nut even a thick towel on a carpet will be great. For a couple of the workouts you will need a chair and a mini ball or a cushion. It is instructed in the video. Try to wear comfortable clothes you can workout with, like leggings, sweat pants, etc. Also it is recommended to do the workouts bare-foot or with socks. Other than that, no equipment is needed!
  • I am pregnant, can I do the program?
    Congratulations! For most of the workouts you can do the program at any stage of your pregnancy, as long as you feel comfortable laying on your back. As for laying on the tummy, you will need to either do the exercises sitting down, or laying on your tummy if you are at an early stage of your pregnancy. It is recommended to contact me regarding the situation so we can decide together what option is best for you.
  • I can't hear the sound of the videos
    If you having problems hearing the videos, make sure your sound button is not muted and your volume is up. Try to change the volume on the video itself as well. That should fix the problem. If you still have issues, please contact me directly via email.
  • For how long can I use the program?
    The program was developed for 7-10 days of daily workout. But the videos are available for you for as long as you like! There is no limit on how many times you can use the videos. It is recommended to start with video number 1 and finish with video number 7 as the exercises are gradually getting harder.
  • What happens if I skip a day of workout?
    Nothing will happen if you can't workout everyday. Just continue from where you left off. You can also repeat again the last workout if you need to.
  • What will I achieve from the program?
    In addition to what is stated in this page, you wil also: ​- Experience how Pilates changes your body in only seven, short sessions - Understand the purpose of each Pilates exercise, how to perform correctly and apply for the optimum positions so you can achieve your goal most effectively - Incorporate the Joseph Pilates' Pilates principles into your practice Practice full Pilates workout by combining the 7 videos into one workout at your own pace
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