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Hi, I’m Tally, a mother of 3 kids, a former engineer living in Spain with a passion

for movement and for helping people.
Welcome to your home for movement and connections.


I'm a Mechanical Engineer, a certified Pilates Instructor, a flexibility coach and a business owner.

I moved to Valencia, Spain, with my family (husband and 3 kids, and now also a cat) 5  years ago, to experience life in Spain. 

Not long after our move, I've started my Pilates business to create a safe space for people to move their body with a purpose and at ease.

Since I was an expat myself and didn't know anyone in the city, I wanted to create a  place for people to meet other great people and connect with their body and with others.

I got into Pilates 17 years ago, when I was pregnant with my first son as I suffered from back pain, lack of mobility and I wanted to continue working out while I was pregnant. 

Pilates has mended my body and has given me core strength like I’ve never known before. 

It allowed me to go through my pregnancy easily and to recover faster after giving birth. 

I fell in love with this method and learned to appreciate it and I've doing Pilates ever since. 

After 15 years working as an engineer at medical device companies, I've decided I want to explore the world of fitness and wellness and I've become a mat Pilates certified instructor.

I quit my job as a Product Manager and went to study how to become a Pilates instructor!

I got my certification from  the Martha Pilates Center which qualifies under the Pilates Method Alliance criteria

Luckily I'm able to combine both my passions of teaching Pilates but also being a self employed consultant for medical device companies. 

My goal is to create a safe and secure environment so you feel comfortable and relaxed when working out.
I really enjoy seeing how people evolve and progress when they do Pilates and how their body is changing and they start to feel so good

As being a new girl in town, my focus is on creating a community of other like-minded people where we can socialize with other people, workout together, share our experiences, make our lives healthier and happier. 


So here I am, sharing my love to Pilates and a healthy lifestyle and offering different services so you can join our growing community and kick start your healthy lifestyle.

Absolutely everyone is welcome to my classes! I provide classes indoors and in the fresh air for those who want to workout outside.


I have customized classes for new and expecting mums, and they can bring their babies too, so they can also enjoy meeting other mums and their babies can also socialize with other babies.

Whenever you can join us, just send me a message, I promise to always greet you with a smile and with open arms. 


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